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The vision behind the Musical Collective is simple: to create a network in which all participating musicians and music-loving individuals should be able to make the most of their own art with combined forces. The music business is tough and can only be conquered by a few. Precisely for this reason, the Musical Collective should unite the most diverse personalities in a network in which each one of them can benefit from the other. “The heartbeat is the first thing we hear. No wonder that rhythm unites us.”

Musical Collective provides a network of musicians to all its members. At regular meetings and via our website, it is possible to network with each other, to realize joint projects and to exchange ideas. Musical Collective acts as host or host at many events. Here the members of the Musical Collective are offered the opportunity to present themselves, to create their own stage and to establish themselves on the market. The mediation of individual artists, such as Singers, DJs and bands are also handled by the Musical Collective. In cooperation with a studio partner, the members are supported and can implement their ideas inexpensively. Of course, the professional advice is in the foreground. The goal of “Musical Collective” is to bring artists, musicians and music-savvy creatives together in a network. The community platform allows participants to connect directly, share knowledge and support each other for the best possible artistic performance. In addition, regular meetings are held – such as the electronic regulars’ table, where you can also musically show off his best side. The stage is available to members and turntables are always taken care of. About the Musical Collective In January 2014, the foundation stone was laid for the Musical Collective.

What at first was a simple community idea has now become an ever-expanding charitable organization. Every musician or artist knows that the road to fame is hard and arduous. The Austrian market holds its additional Pitfalls. As you know, you are less alone together, so the Musical Collective was born. After 2 years of intensive work, brainstorming & building phase, the Musical Collective now offers a platform to unfold. The founder and creative director of Musical Collective is Phillip Kullnig, born Styrian, grew up in Carinthia and now Wahlwiener. At the tender age of 10 he decided to join the Vienna Boys Choir. The Vienna Boys’ Choir is one of the oldest institutions and well known across the borders of Austria. The highly qualified and classical education were thus the beginning of his music career. After many international strides and learned expertise, it took the musician to pop. Probably the biggest development Phillip Kullnig made when he came from the classical to the electronic music genre. Today he focuses on electronic beats, productions with vocals and his own live tracks, which he realizes as a composer, pianist, singer and producer.

Musical Collective would not be what it is, if not the best creative minds had come together here. One of those heads is Jens Timber! He comes from Germany (NRW Cologne) and he also chose Vienna as a home base. His DJ career took its origins in the early 90s, influenced by jazz, funk and hip hop until he also fell for electronic music. Jens Timber looks back on many successful projects such as the compilation CD of Vienna Fashion Week, The Minimal Room and Electric Church. He is an established DJ in the national scene and has so far spoiled the guests with excellent sound in every Viennese club such as Flex, Pratersauna, Sass and many more. Of course, he is also a sought-after artist outside Austria and is a guest at festivals such as SonneMondSterne in Germany and Thaibreak in Thailand. Musical Collective Acts The Musical Collective features selected and special artists for every genre of music. Starting with various bands, classical violin players, DJs for every direction up to solo singers and guitarists. These acts are specifically selected from the pool of musicians, promoted and included in the core team of the Musical Collectives.